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About Yatta

Yatta is a sports networking mobile application that brings like minded people together under a single platform. It's main objectives are the following:

What we stand for


To become the sports hub for world citizens and bring you closer to like minded people to encourage you to stay active and always inspired.


To break barriers between professional and ammateur athelets and provide a platform for people to expand their network reach beyond their countries and regions.


Find Workout Partner

Matches athletes in a given sport with others who have similar skill levels and are looking to play at the same time in a mutually convenient venue.

Find Activity

Promote your activity or training sessions with nearby users who need inspiration, challenge, accountability or simply a reason to join.


Share photos and videos of your experiences and activities with your Yatta buddies.


Connect and communicate with your network or groups directly through the messaging platform.


Expand your local and global network reach and explore new communities through the Explore page.

User Profile

Build a profile that will unlock your potential, expand your network and inspire others.
Create your groups and communities based on your interests.

Service Provider Profile

Become featured as a service provider and allow users to display details about your business.
It will also provide you with a platform to Meet your clientele and promote your services.


How do I create a Yatta Sports Account?

Click on sign up, insert your email/phone number and wait until you receive a verification code.

Insert the required details and select your user specifications.

How do I change my password?

At Yatta we use 2 steps authentication for security purposes. To change your password go to the setting page that appears on your profile page. Then click on profile setting and change password. You will be required to insert registered email address / phone number to receive a verification code to be permitted to change password.

What is the benefit of displaying my full profile details?

It will be easier for other Yatta users to find your profile and we will be able to match you better with other users with similar skill levels, interests, age etc.

Full details will also provide comfort to your peers about the legitimacy of your profile and the user which will support you in expanding your network reach.

Full profile details will also help further developing customized algorithms to enhance our service and your experience with Yatta.

How can I schedule an Activity?

Click on the schedule workout icon displayed on the bar,
insert all details related to the activity.
Once completed, you will have the option of inviting your following list or a group of users you have formed.

You will also be able to set the activity on repeat with reminders before you save your activity and it gets shifted to your profile page where you will also be able to invite individuals from other platform via share feature.

For example, User wants to go for a run.

User clicks on and inserts all details. The user will then be able to invite individuals from his/ her list or a group that was created.

User will then be able to specify the frequency of this run and the reminders he/she needs to receive.

What is the difference between Yatta account and Yatta Business account?

A Yatta account is for individual users its a freemium account with minimum features.

Yatta account users are able to showcase their activities, interests and groups on their profile page. They will also be able to connect with their Yatta network through our Find page.

Business accounts will have additional features such as ability to showcase qualifications, accomplishments, specialization, programs, contact details.

Business users will also be featured automatically on the find page which will allow Yatta users to find them.

Is allowing access to my location essential?

Yes, the main purpose of your yatta account is to connect you to like minded people, provide you with insight to the closest activities, facilities and businesses to your current location.

Therefore, to optimize your experience we recommend to permit us to access your location.
However, if your choose not to you can still operate and enjoy our Yatta Sports.


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